Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week Title

Well, in these few days that have gone by, we haven't done much. Sunday was good. I was with Anziano Pesci and Anziano Schwing for the day, because the other two assistants went to L'Aquila to do some exchanges. So we ate lunch at a member's house and then we had an appointment in the afternoon.

Monday we had to make some emergency trips. And that involved 700 kilometers of driving. It is interesting being an assistant, because you never know what is going to happen or what president is going to ask you to do when you see his number on the caller ID. So it keeps things exciting. Meanwhile, the new companionship in our house is tearing it up. They have set two baptismal dates since being together - which is under a week. They are doing great.

Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas break/are having a wonderful Christmas break. That is fantastic. I don't really know what to write about since we talked only a few days ago and talked about everything, it seems like. Transfers are coming up, so we have been talking to President quite a bit about that in the past few days.

I really don't know what to write about this week. It looks like the mission is going to end the year with 154 baptisms. That is about a 90% improvement from the Rome mission from last year. So we are preparing for the temple quite nicely.

Well that is it for me. I love you all!

Anziano Hatch

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Phone Call

Well, tis the season, and the phone call excitement is buzzing around the mission. Mostly because the church Mission Department and, I am also assuming the Quorum of the Twelve and the First Presidency, have approved skype video phone calls this Christmas. But I am just going to make a traditional phone call, because I don't have equipment for a skype call nor do I have the drive to do that. So you will all have to settle with the old fashioned phone call. You can see me in 5 months. How does that sound?

Well this week we returned from our exchanges in Foggia, Bari, Lecce and Napoli. It was a good trip. In one week, we traveled 1500 kilometers. So we traveled a good 960 miles. Lots of good quality time in the car...lots. That was fun. I saw a lot of missionaries that I did not know from the old Catania mission. It was nice.

This week has been pretty crazy getting everything organized and rules set straight for Christmas. But that has been pretty much it. Kind of a boring week so far. The work has slowed a little because of the holiday season. But it will pick up.

Well, I love all of you. I'll talk to you at 5 pm Italian time on Christmas.

Anziano Hatch


We have a meeting with president here pretty soon, but I thought I would write and say that I will be emailing later today. On Christmas, we will call around 5 pm local time, so around 9 am in the Rocky Mountains, I believe. Love you all and I will write a letter later today.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Busy-ness Is Upon Us

Well, as we approach this Christmas season, things have gotten busier. The end of last week was spent listening and learning from Elder Causse from the Area Presidency. He taught us some good principles about finding techniques and teaching techniques that really let people know why we are here and help them use their free agency the best they can in their first meetings with us missionaries. I think that as the mission adopts this style of finding and teaching, we will see great things in the mission.

Saturday there was a Zone Leader Council that we attended, and Elder Cuasse talked about our mission vision and how we would accomplish that. It was a really good visit from him. That night we had a couple of lessons. It was good to get some teaching in the mix of things. Then on Sunday, we went to church and there were a couple of investigators in church, and then we went to the Christmas Devotional. It was broadcast a week later, so it could be translated and watched at a reasonably decent hour.

Monday we had a district meeting and a meeting with President. In that meeting, one of my companions and I got the assignment to do some exchanges and things during this week. So on the flash, we left Tuesday morning and arrived in a town called Foggia. Here we met up with Anziano Pace and Anziano Packer. We are doing some exchanges here and helping to implement some of the things that Elder Causse taught to us. We will be leaving to go to Bari tonight, and then we will go back home and make a pit stop in Napoli to see some of the Zone Leaders there.

Clark and Elder David Pace

So it has been fun to be here in Foggia to see Anziano Pace. I think this is something like the third time in the entire time we have been out that I have seen him. He is a good missionary that talks with everyone. Plus, it has been fun to serve with someone from Idaho Falls. Really fun.

Sounds like there is a lot of weather action happening in Idaho this year. That makes for some exciting adventures. Julie and sliding off roads this year, alright? I am just kidding, but seriously. No sliding. Kim, your child is growing up too fast. He is what, 4 years old? I didn't know Santa was just a symbol until I was in 3rd grade. I guess I am just not a realist like little Elliott.

Well, I love you all. Hope that you have a great week. I don't have a time period set yet for the phone call, but when I do, I will be sture to let you know.

Anziano Hatch

P.S. Did I mention fighting fires in a letter? I didn't think that I did, but ya, that is something that I am thinking about doing over the summer. So if someone could reasearch that, that would be great.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well, things are good. But there is not much time. It didn't seem like there was much time last year either when I was here in Rome 2. But what can you do? Today we have to help all the missionaries that are coming up from Napoli. They are staying the night here, because tomorrow we have a conference with Elder Causse. That should be really interesting. I am excited for that.

So the trip from Messina to Rome was anything but glorious. In fact, it took 12 hours and all night on a bus. That was an interesting trip. But it was worth it. As my first assignment here, I am companions with the district leader who was also supposed to train a new missionary. But his missionary didn't come from the MTC because of health problems. He broke his finger pretty bad or something like that. So I am splitting my time between the District Leader and my other two companions. It is weird, because I go from doing finding work and teaching lessons to meetings with President and planning travel and stuff for exchanges with zone leaders. It is a pretty crazy life.

Well, I don't know really what else to write. Kind of crunched for time. I love you all though, and I hope to hear from you all soon!

Anziano Hatch

Friday, December 3, 2010

ELder Hatch

December 3, 2010

Dear Brother and Sister Hatch,

Elder Hatch has just been called to serve as an Assistant to the President in the Italy Rome Misison. He and my other two Assistants will work closely with me in guiding the work of approximately one hundred missionaries.

Elder Hatch has shown great dedication in his missionary labors here. His strong testimony, love of the people, and desire to serve has helped mold him into a wonderful missionary. Sister Kelly and I are looking forward to this new association with him, feeling of his testimony and strength of spirit, and watching his leadership skills unfold. The many challenges he will experience will not only enable him to serve well now, but will prepare him for future callings in the Church.

We appreciate this opportunity to serve with your son. May the Lord continue to bless you at home as you support him in the great work he is doing. Thank you for your faith and prayers.


Thomas E. Kelly
Italy Rome Mission

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well my time here in Messina has come to a close...or a bang, depending on how you look at it. And when I say bang, I mean the sound of someone being immersed in water. That is right. We had a successful double baptism of Mariapia and Cristina last Saturday. Although leading up to the baptism was pretty stressful, it turned out really well. It started in the morning when we went to the church to go set up the font (we have one of those blue "swimming pool" type things. For pictures, refer yourselves to a picture from Castellammare.)

We let the Reggio Anziano use the font on Thursday as they also had two baptisms and their font was broken, and the new one they had ordered had not arrived yet. They did the baptism outside, and so the font was a little dirty. So we had to clean it a little. That took pretty much all morning. Then we came back after lunch and started to fill it up. As the water was flowing in, water started leaking. So we took turns standing with a mop and mopping up water as it came out and as the font filled. We prayed fervently that the font would stop leaking.

After about an hour and a half, some members showed up along with an investigator. We had scheduled an appointment with this investigator and the branch president with us. So we stationed a member on mop duty and went into the lesson. As we were teaching, we heard a loud boom! And the members outside the room were kind of freaking out. Anziano Polelli and I were kind of freaking out, and we had worried faces on. After talking about it later after the lesson, we both expressed that we felt that everything was fine and to continue the lesson. So we did. The lesson went well, and that investigator should have a baptismal date in a couple of weeks.

So after the lesson, we went out and the font, under the pressure of the water that was in it, popped into a different position. So all was fine. What was even better was that in its new position, it stopped leaking water. My how great is our Heavenly Father. Then the baptismal service began, and there were two really good talks that brought the spirit very strongly. Then the baptisms. Let's just say that although the fond had stopped leaking, there were enough tears from the people in that room that we almost needed the mop again. The spirit was really strong. As the participants changed, Anziano Polelli and I gave a presentation about the Restoration. We talked and watched parts of the movie, "The Restoration." The spirit was very strong again. Just in short, the whole things was filled with the spirit. Anb ecause of that, one of Mariapia's sons decided to continue meeting with us. And jer daughter-in-law decided to start meeting the missionaries. So a really good night.

Then on Sunday, the confirmations were again a very spiritual experience for everyone. With these two baptisms, the entire branch was involed. All knew those that were being baptized, and there was a brotherly love that filled the chapel. Saturday night though, President Kelly called us and told us that I was reeturing to Rome 2 and that Anziano Polelli was staying. That made Sunday a little hard - having to osay goodbye to the members here. There are a lot of great people here.

So the last couple of days, we have been teaching lessons and saying goodbye to people. Mariapia gave me a tie and a very nice letter last night. I will miss Messina.

As far as Logan goes, you can just tell him to write me a letter. I can't believe he is home. Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving. I miss having a real winter. But what can you do? Things are great.

So I will be returning to Rome where I started the mission. It is weird. Oh, and I will be in the other companionship in Rome 2, the one close to the president.

Love you all!
Anziano Hatch