Wednesday, December 30, 2009

(Due to holiday chaos, I have been remiss at getting Clark's letters posted. To catch up on the life of Elder Hatch, scroll down to the post dated December 16th and work your way up.)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Early Email

Happy Early Email...I mean New Year! Well, you are all treated with an early email this week due to a weird transfer schedule. Transfers are moved up a day, because it is much safer to travel not on New Year's Eve or Day. Especially in Napoli. I have not been transferred. I am in the same area, but I have two - read it - TWO new companions. Haha that will be fun again. And I really mean that. One is Elder Morris from Kentucky, and the other, Elder Billings, is from southern Utah. Haven't really met them yet, but I have seen them at transfer circles and stuff before. It should be a really really great transfer.

Other than that, it has been a mellow week since we talked on Christmas. We had a few appointments including a quick 5 minute spiritual thought with our investigator that was down in Napoli over Christmas. He is doing great. He has a baptismal date for the 9th of January. Companion is being tranferred to Florence to be a zone leader in that area.

Sunday, we had an open house at the mission home. That was a really amazing thing. The Acerson's (President and his family) opened up their home to members, investigators, and anyone in the area that wanted to come. It was really well done. We didn't have as many people as we wanted to come, but it was a fun time. And the investigators/neighbors that came had a good time.

Yesterday we had our District meeting. I had the training. I gave it on humility and how it is the key to opening up anything - such as unity with companion or Holy Ghost, learning, listening, and various other attributes. One of the sisters in my district is training. That will be fun to see another missionary get trained.

This morning we went bowling with a member in the ward that will be leaving for the Milan mission at the end of January. I bowled a 95 behind my back and a 102 not. I am starting to think that I am better off bowling behind my back. (Technique being like a behind the back pass in basketball.)

Well that about does it for me. I don't have a ton to write about since we talked on Friday. But everything is going great! Thanks for all your letters, prayers, and support!

Anziano Hatch

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Phone Call = Short Letter

Well this week was another great week. There was another baptism on Sunday of one of the sisters' investigators. That is two baptisms in two weeks. One of our investigators is scheduled to be baptized on the 9th of January. That will be really awesome. He is in the process of stopping some law of chastity issues, so a few prayers his way would be really good.

This week has been a fun one. Today actually, we played soccer and football against our missionary buddies in the Rome 3 district. It was a really good time. But I broke two toes, so I am on crutches!...April Fools! haha. Sorry, I just had to do that to keep myself awake. I am really tired. Football isn't so easy when you aren't conditioned for it. My team was really grateful for me today because the teams were evenly matched, but (I know I probably shouldn't have) I took the last 5-10 minutes of personal study to write down some plays on some flash cards. And it became a little playbook that I kept in my pocket as I quarterbacked. That playbook made all the difference. It helped our sisters and our Italian roomy understand where they needed to go. It was a great time today.

I just remembered about the Christmas money. Could I have about 100 Euro worth for January sale shopping? In January and August, there are ridiculous sales on everything, because "high fashion" Italy has to move all of "last season's" stuff out to make room for the next season. So ya.
Anyway, I'll be calling between 7:30 and 8:00PM IST (Italian Standard Time (I just made that up)). So I can't wait to hear from you. It will be really fun! Avete un buon Natale! Ok, mi racomando.

Vi volgio tanto bene!
Anziano Hatch

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Re: Phone Call

Hello! I don't have much time today. We had a crazy day today, but I have calling information. We will be making calls at 7:30-8:00PM local Roman time. So that calculates to...I have no idea, but whatever time that calculates to, it will be then.

I will call with the calling card. That sounds like it will be pretty easy. But as far as updates, the other companionship had a baptism last Saturday of a man they had been working with for about four months. And the sisters have a baptism this Sunday. So that is a good thing. We have an investigator with a baptismal date for the 2nd of January. His name is Guiseppe. He is a good guy. Well that about wraps it up for me. Toodles. Talk to you next week!

Anziano Hatch

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Flat Tires, Trains, and Automobiles

Ha - that is a pretty clever title for this week's letter, although I can only relate to one of the things in the title. Friday night we were walking to a member's house who will be leaving on a mission in the next month or so. He is from the Phillipines and will serve in the Milan, Italy mission. He offered to make us dinner and of course we couldn't turn that down. On the way to the house we heard that all too familiar sound of a flat tire. We got the lady's attention and asked her if she needed some help, and she said no. Then we said, "We know how to change a flat tire." And she perked up and allowed us to help. About 30 minutes later we had the tire fixed. Italian jacks are not the most reliable things and also the nuts and bolts on Italian cars are different. Instead of the bolt coming out of the axle to set the tire on, you have to line the holes up and then put the bolts in. That took forever to get the holes lined up. But we got it done. She wasn't too interested in our message but very grateful for our service.

Saturday we played some calcieto (soccer on a fenced in short field) with the other elders and some investigators. I had an amazing goal that (I don't want to float my boat too much) was the highlight of the game. I curbed the shot around the defenseman in front of me to the right. Then the ball curved back to the left into the goal. It looked like a beautiful right to left putt in golf, but in fast forward and in the air. That was amazing and everyone was amazed. I must admit, I have no idea how I did it.

Sunday we had three investigators in church. One man from the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and the Phillipines. They are all really awesome. Sunday night we ended our fast with another guy in our ward trying to decide if he should go on a mission. He is 25 and the deadline is coming up. So we fasted with him and broke our fast at his house. He made a delicious pasta and we ate well. We haven't been able to follow up with him yet, but I know he will get an answer.

Monday we had our district meeting. My companion taught the training. He gave a good training, the main point being if we use the scriptures well, we invite the prophets of old into the room to teach our investigator. It was a really good training. Then we went on exchanges with our zone leaders. We both went over to Rome 3 to do the scambies though cause the bishop in the ward needed to move a piano from the church to his house. I guess the church bought a new piano and he bought the old one off the church. Anyway, the zone leaders said that the bishop wouldn't move the piano unless he had me there. He "hand picked" the missionaries he "needed" at stake conference a few weeks back and so he needed the biggest and the strongest. I thought that was funny.

Speaking of that, I can proudly say that I have been working out every morning and now, as a result, my suit coat doesn't fit as well as it did. It is a little small. In this apartment there are free weights with more than 14 kgs. So I have been having a heyday in the mornings.

We met the family of an awesome girl last night. She is getting baptized this Sunday. She is the sisters' investigator but we were invited to her nieces birthday party so we met the family. They are awesome. I don't know if anything will happen in the near future, but they have said that they have already seen a change in their daughter for the better, so that is a good sign. Hopefully she will continue to be a good example.

Two last things. I got my documents so now I am legal for the next year here in Italy. That is good. Also, there was an elder serving here because his visa wasn't going through, but he left on Monday to the POCATELLO IDAHO MISSION! Cool huh. His name is Elder DeMola. He is awesome. Keep your eye out for him.

Well that is it. I love you all!

Anziano Hatch

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Am Out of Email Titles Already

So I don't know what to name this week's email, so it is nameless. But this week had been great.

Since I emailed last, we have had a couple handfuls of appointments, soccer, finding work, and all that great stuff. Rome 2 is a fun place to serve. The famous parts of Rome are in our area so we work among the ruins of Rome. It is really fun. Although I haven't had time to take many pictures, they will come with time.

We are working with a few steady investigators. One is a young man from Russia who, I think, Is trying to find himself and who he is. He will be able to find that with us. Then there is a guy who is about 21 who was born in Napoli who we had an amazing lesson with last night. He saw some terrible things in his childhood in Napoli and I think that we cracked open the shell he has had around him from those experiences. We taught a strong lesson on faith, what it is, how we develop it, and what it does for us. It was a great lesson filled with the spirit. We are meeting with him again tonight, so we will see how it goes.

My new companion is a work horse. Amazing and not afraid to talk to anyone. I have learned a lot from him already. Last night, some Jehovah's Witnesses came up to me while we were doing street and tried to bash with me, but I kept my cool and left them with a pamphlet. It was a good experience cause I was able to prove to myself what I can do on my own without my companion.

I got my Christmas packages and already opened them. I know. I am guilty, but I was just looking for the cds ;-), but I didn't find them. So either they got stolen or they didn't make it into the packages. So I would like to make a re-request for that Joseph Smith CD and Kory Kunz's CD.

Yesterday was zone conference and our district sang "In a Coming Day" by Kory Kunz. It was really good. I forgot how much I liked his music.

Anyway, that about does it for me. I can't believe that Dad and Justin have iPhones. Crazy. Both of their letters made me laugh.

Anziano Hatch

The first picture is of how massive I am. (Yes, you can put that on the blog.)

Second, a pretty view from out apartment window

Dreaming about football last P-day

Last, I found some quaker oats at a store, and well, it is a beautiful thing.
Anziano Hatch