Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Time To Relax

Well after a heck-tic week, and also a fun one, we had a somewhat more normal one with less to do but good all the same. Things started with a spirit-filled zone leader council. We brought in all the zone leaders from around the mission, and that gets a little tricky. You have those arriving on a plane, in a boat, by car or train, and so on and so on. Coordination of traveling skills have definitely been increased in the last six months. It is always a little stressful with misisonaries coming in and having their own things they want to get done while at the mission office and trying to make sure everyone is over at the mission home in time to start lunch. But everything went well. We had a good meeting and also a surprise visit from Elder Wright who was at the district conference in Napoli. And an ex-mission president, Brother Pasta, came just in time to catch all the missionaries that were leaving. So with guest speakers and all, everything went great, and I think we got our message out. Right now we are working on inspired questions and member work. Both things we are hitting pretty hard to be more effective missionaries. After the conference, let's just say getting everyone back to where they needed to go was pretty crazy, and I probably lost some hairs off of my head, but everyone caught their planes, trains, and automobiles...and boats.

Things after the conference cooled off. We took President and his wife to the airport to go to a conference in Calabria on Saturday and picked them up Sunday night. I enjoy the time spent with President and Sister Kelly. It is like being with mom and dad in the car and drinking from their fountains of wisdom. Needless to say, Anziano Rappleye and I learn a lot from them together.

Then yesterday, President's family came to town, or one of his sons and his family. We got to help bring them back from the airport and drove them past the Colosseum and what not. Still, that building never ceases to amaze me. It is great. After that, we did some of the basic things like planning for conference and stuff.

One thing I was wondering is if you could get another copy of my Patriarchal Blessing, because mine is a little worn out. And also, I somehow ended up with the mistaken copy that has grandpa's name on it instead of mine. My blessing but his name, so if you could somehow procure a new one that would be great.

Love you all!
Anziano Hatch

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